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Sell on multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere.

Organize your storefront and drive exponential growth with retail POS software that’s powerful, intuitive and easily deployable.

Unleash your sales and expand your reach.

Make sales easier than ever and watch your numbers skyrocket with retail POS software. It’s like a salesperson that’s always on the job, enabling great features like loyalty points or cash management. 

Advanced, Versatile and Intuitive

Advanced, Versatile and Intuitive


Unlimited outlets & registers


User control permissions


Register closure and cash management


Multiple payment methods


Park and retrieve sales


DEAR POS can be used on Ipad, Android, PC and Mac, giving you complete freedom of choice across all platforms.




Easily continue to sell even if you lose your internet connection, all sales will be synced when you are back online.



Return and refund past orders using the original payment method or add the refund to customers’ store credit.



Allow customer to layby items, purchase items on account and reward customers with loyalty points to keep them coming back.



Reconcile and balance cash by float or POS staff member to actively track and monitor your cash flow.

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Featured Customer Stories

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others

"DEAR enabled us to scale more efficiently. We have been able to automate a number of key processes, reducing manual error and time taken on admin; visibility of writebacks from our F&A and other."

"The first year we used DEAR, we concentrated on sales growth and saw an 18% increase in our top-line revenue because of the extra insights it gave us."

“It`s mainly the inventory control side of things that we use day to day. We have heavily use it for order entry, purchasing, reporting and assemblies. They`re all pretty intuitive. It would be impossible to do this without DEAR."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DEAR POS inventory system?

DEAR Point of Sale is a platform that provides advanced, multi-directional integration with DEAR Inventory allowing your customers to purchase goods via POS in-store and sync the data with DEAR POS inventory system allocating the stock.

Does DEAR POS inventory system work in offline mode?

Yes, DEAR POS inventory system has an offline sales feature that allows it to accept and cache sales transactions even while a register is offline. The transactions are pushed to the DEAR POS server once the register goes back online.

How many outlets and registers can I have in DEAR POS inventory system?

DEAR POS inventory system allows you to have an unlimited number of outlets and registers at no extra charge. This is especially helpful for businesses that are operating from multiple locations; setting up additional outlets will help manage inventory and track sales effectively from every location.

Can I limit the POS inventory software access of certain employees in my stores?

Yes, in DEAR POS inventory software you can choose the appropriate role for each employee as Administrator, Cashier, or Manager and even restrict the privilege for users to provide discounts, change prices, sell on account and access the dashboard if required.

How do I manage the payments in DEAR POS inventory software that were made on account and layby?

The export payments functionality in DEAR POS Inventory software can be used for sales that were made on account and layby within DEAR POS. This way, when the back office applies the payment to the invoices, the sales will now show as closed with a payment applied against it on DEAR POS inventory software.

Does DEAR POS inventory software support loyalty programs for customers?

Yes, DEAR POS inventory software has a customer credits/loyalty points functionality that allows you to improve customer retention, increase repeat sales, and nurture the customer-brand relationship.

Can I use the scale and generate the weight based prices in DEAR POS inventory software?

Yes, DEAR POS inventory software can handle advanced barcodes with embedded data, which are ideal for stores that sell products based on weight or price. However, before you can use these barcodes, your organisation must have the required label printing weighing scales that can handle them. DEAR uses the following advanced barcodes: GS1-based, weight-based, price-based.

What payment platforms does DEAR POS inventory system integrate with?

DEAR POS inventory system integrates with the following payment platforms: Tyro, Paymentsense, and Vantiv triPOS.

What is the recommended hardware for DEAR POS inventory system?

The supported hardware for DEAR POS inventory system is the devices from Star Micronics, Clover, and Epson. For all the details on the recommended hardware please contact

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