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New Release 1-Apr-2018, Xero enhancement, Tasks Module, Zappier Integration & more !

New Improvements to DEAR


What’s new? 


  • Tasks module – Tasks module works in conjunction with DEAR Notifications module and allows you to setup a workflow process for a Purchase, Sale, Supplier, Customer, Credit Note, Assembly & Dissasembly’s. Workflow’s can include several steps and user roles that might be required to successfully complete a sale transaction. Roles could be Sales Reps, Accounting Department, Warehouse Staff, Marketing & Management.


  • New Notifications have been added: Task has been created, Task has been assigned, Task has been completed, Sale Quote created, Sale attachment added (external notification), Sale custom attribute values changed.


  • Improved import of chart of accounts from Xero/QuickBooks. Now if account code changes in Xero or QBO, the related account code will be automatically updated in DEAR for all related transactions.


  • Improved handling of different Xero exceptional cases (errors on data export) with better explanation texts on how to rectify errors.


  • Optional sale invoice attachment export to Xero.


  • Zapier integration now available – It requires both DEAR API and Notifications module purchased.


  • Unit Cost field added on product availability screen ( It will need to be enabled from the gear drop-down).


  • Sync Short Description field between DEAR and WooCommerce on listing/catalog download.


  • Ship to Different Company feature has been improved to allow you to search from the list of existing customers.


  • DEAR POS tax treatment improved: If a customer is selected at POS level, tax rule of that customer will be used by default in the sale if a product has no sale tax rule associated with it at product level.
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