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Inventory management that’s seamless, easy and efficient.

Cloud ERP software empowers you to effectively manage your biggest investment and get up-to-the-minute inventory knowledge.

Give your inventory the treatment it deserves.

Gain instant visibility into stock levels and order statuses, no matter the volume of product you manage. Upgrade from clunky traditional models to the speed, intuitiveness and cost-effectiveness of true cloud ERP software.


Simplify the challenges of wholesale level product management. With DEAR, you can create Product Families containing variations of the same product, each with a unique, automatically-generated SKU. Managing extensive product lines has never been simpler.


Grow your business across multiple locations while never losing track of stock. DEAR ensures you’ll always be in control of your inventory wherever it is located, with multi-warehouse management that lets you buy, sell and manufacture with ease.


Ditch the time-consuming task of manual product data entry. DEAR saves you the effort by automatically creating the required product data from your existing ecommerce sales channels, including all descriptions and photos.


Replace inefficient manual stock counts with quick and easy barcode scanning. With DEAR, simply scan your inventory using a barcode scanner and our automated system will instantly select the correct entry from your stock – saving you hours of time and reducing human error.

All Inventory Features

Access Rights Management for Specific Locations

Stock Adjustments

Drop Shipping

Full Purchase and Sales History

Product Families

Reorder Stock Levels

Transfer Stock Between Locations

Unlimited Bin Locations

Inventory Reports

Product Availability

Product Stock Level

Lot / Batch Expiry

Inventory Movement Details

Products Reordering

Lot / Batch Recall

Inventory Movement Summary

Products Low on Stock

Job Costing Materials

Product Price List

Inventory Aging

Finished Goods Analysis

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Featured Customer Stories

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others

"DEAR enabled us to scale more efficiently. We have been able to automate a number of key processes, reducing manual error and time taken on admin; visibility of writebacks from our F&A and other."

"The first year we used DEAR, we concentrated on sales growth and saw an 18% increase in our top-line revenue because of the extra insights it gave us."

“It`s mainly the inventory control side of things that we use day to day. We have heavily use it for order entry, purchasing, reporting and assemblies. They`re all pretty intuitive. It would be impossible to do this without DEAR."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DEAR inventory management system include?

DEAR inventory management system covers all processes involving the management of your stocks and services. It includes creating and managing products, services, and assets, product families, stock adjustments, stock takes, stock transfers, inventory write-offs, price lists, product availability, and much more.

Can I see real-time updates in DEAR ERP inventory management system?

Yes. DEAR ERP inventory management system allows you to view the availability of the inventory in the Product Availability Report. The report shows the exact quantity on hand available, on order and allocated products.

Can I do stock adjustments in DEAR inventory management system?

Yes. In DEAR inventory management system stock adjustments can be used to update/correct the quantity and price of products in your Inventory. Adjustments could be required for entering new stock, removing damaged or stolen stock, data entry errors, and so on.

Can I use DEAR inventory management software to manage my stocktake?

Yes. The Stocktake feature in DEAR inventory management software allows you to verify the quantities and the condition of the stock physically in a specific location/warehouse. This process can be performed in a pre-defined schedule (such as annual, or a specific cycle count – weekly, monthly, quarterly).

What is the use of the costing methods in DEAR ERP inventory system?

Costing Methods affect how the total value of your inventory in your accounting records is calculated with time. DEAR ERP inventory system uses actual accounting costing methods. The costing method applied to a product affects the order in which stocks are picked.

What are the costing methods included in DEAR ERP inventory management software?

DEAR ERP inventory management system uses the following costing methods: FIFO, FIFO – Serial Number, FIFO – Batch, FEFO – Serial Number, FEFO – Batch, Special – Batch, Special – Serial Number.

What is the use of DEAR ERP Inventory management software Write-Off module?

DEAR ERP Inventory management software Write-Off module has two uses:
– To write off stock and services which have been lost, stolen, damaged, given away, or used internally.
– To assign inventory or services costs to a particular job when used in conjunction with the Job Costing module.

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