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Integrate VAT-compliant accounting directly into your process..

Save time and labor on every accounting process with accounting and inventory software that’s seamlessly connected to every aspect of your business.

Make your accounting process sexy.

Beautifully streamlined and wonderfully easy to use, DEAR’s accounting and inventory software makes accounting fast, easy and enjoyable. Whether you use Quickbooks, Xero or another platform, merge your system for accounting with inventory software for truly unified business.



Remove the hassle of accounting data entry. Integrating seamlessly with accounting apps like Xero and QuickBooks, DEAR does the hard work for you – automatically creating entries and syncing invoices, bills, payments and more, straight to the app in a single click.



Access the financial information you need, as soon as you need it. With DEAR, every transaction across all your sales channels is synced immediately, providing you with an accurate view of your business financials in real-time.



Run your business on actual accounting costing methods for true cost calculations. DEAR uses FIFO and FEFO methods, as well as catering for inventory and serial/batch numbers and expiry dates – so you can store unique items and track inventory sales to specific end customers.



Export valuable financial reports at any time. DEAR makes it simple to access the financial information you need via a comprehensive reporting module. When you need to know product figures, simply view and export the relevant balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

Chart of Accounts




Vendor Credits / Purchase Credit Notes


Tax Rules


Items / Products


Bill Payments / Purchase Payments and Refunds


Credit Memos / Sale Credit Notes


Payment Terms




Tax Rules


Prepayments / Overpayments


Vendor / Suppliers


Payment Terms


Bill Payments / Purchase Payments and Refunds


Items / Products


Bills / Purchase Invoices


Sale Payments / Refunds


Chart of Accounts


Sales Invoices


Category Tracking


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Featured Customer Stories

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others

"DEAR enabled us to scale more efficiently. We have been able to automate a number of key processes, reducing manual error and time taken on admin; visibility of writebacks from our F&A and other."

"The first year we used DEAR, we concentrated on sales growth and saw an 18% increase in our top-line revenue because of the extra insights it gave us."

“It`s mainly the inventory control side of things that we use day to day. We have heavily use it for order entry, purchasing, reporting and assemblies. They`re all pretty intuitive. It would be impossible to do this without DEAR."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch from Xero to QBO or vice-versa?

Yes, if you are transitioning from Quickbooks to Xero or vice-versa, and you already have one or the other accounting system integrated with DEAR ERP accounting and inventory software, you may also switch at any time.

Can I use DEAR as my standalone ERP accounting system while integrating with Xero or QBO?

If DEAR ERP accounting system is integrated with either QuickBooks or Xero, and you want to shift to using DEAR for your accounting needs, you may disable the integration. Once the integration between DEAR and another accounting system is disabled, you can start using DEAR as your accounting system.

What are the requirements to connect DEAR to Xero or QBO?

The Chart of Accounts, Payment Terms and Tax Rules need to be created first in the accounting application and then synced over to DEAR, the inventory tracking in Xero and QBO should be disabled.

Can I export the data from DEAR ERP accounting and inventory software to Xero or QBO accounting applications?

Yes, you can export historical data from DEAR to QBO or Xero, which registers all documents and related items (products, vendors, customers, etc.). Use this feature to export all data to your accounting application for a particular date range. To start the export process, select a start date, and then click the Export Historical Data button.

Because we trade with international customers in USD, we also have a ‘Foreign Currency Deposit (FCD)’ account where we can accept USD without converting it into local currencies. Is this functionality supported in DEAR ERP accounting software?

Yes, this is supported by DEAR ERP accounting software. When we send data to Xero, we supply the account name and the amount in the original currency.

If I use the invoice online payment service from Xero, will DEAR ERP accounting software be able to pick up the payment information from Xero?

Yes, DEAR ERP accounting software will definitely be able to pick up payments that are applied in Xero. DEAR has two-way sync for payments so you can apply payments in either system.

If I change an existing invoice in DEAR ERP accounting software that has already synced to Xero or QBO, will the syncing process amend the invoice in the accounting application?

Yes, if you make a change to an invoice in DEAR ERP accounting software, it will automatically update that invoice in the accounting application when you sync.

Where do I need to create the suppliers and customers first, in DEAR ERP accounting system, or in my accounting applications?

Suppliers and customers can be created in both DEAR ERP accounting system and your accounting application and synced both ways.

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